Bill’s Place provides a spectrum of services, which includes a structured residential program, a transitional process, and supported independent living programs. This flexible and diverse program structure allows for individualized support that provides unique and exceptional care based on the assessed needs of each client. As is evident with people who have experienced a brain injury, needs can shift and change as the person heals and grows – or as the person ages. To be successful, the individual’s support must be shaped, tuned and sculpted as needs change and evolve.


Residential Support


Clients whose injury requires access to 24 hour support and a structured setting are supported through the residential component in one of our seven homes that are indistinguishable from any others in the neighbourhood. This “home base” provides the hub for the delivery of the variety of services and programs offered throughout Bill’s Place. Our residential care program is focussed on acquiring and practising life skills, with the goal of moving towards a more independent and self-directed life.


Transitional Process


As clients progress through their healing, the transitional process is engaged. The focus of care shifts towards supporting individuals in gaining the independence to safely move into community. The transitional process is a fluid plan of support in which the individual may begin to receive less of one aspect of service and more of another, based on the evolving needs of each person. Integral to this stage of independence is the development of a healthy social support and community resource network that the client can utilize in moving towards our Supported Independent level of care.


Supported Independent Living


This level of support is offered to individuals living in community and will be centered on assisting and encouraging the client to maintain independence and community inclusion. The supported independent client has access to recreation programs at Bill’s Place, as well as access to additional support when required.


Graduate Mentorship Program


Bill’s Place has also established a unique and progressive Graduate Mentorship Program for selected individuals, to acknowledge that someone who has suffered a brain injury is often best equipped to appreciate the challenges that an acquired brain injury can impose on a person. They are given the opportunity to work with others within the program to the limits of their skills and abilities, following the successful completion of a structured course that provides the basics of working with individuals with a brain injury. The graduate mentor works under the supervision of a qualified staff member, with regular supervisory meetings scheduled to ensure quality service delivery. The graduate mentor works within a contractual arrangement, and is compensated at a mutually agreed upon rate. We see this program as part of the completion of the circle of healing for an individual as he moves into his new life.

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